• Kyle OConnor

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: 5 Gifts Under $25

If you wait until last minute like I do, hopefully this list helps you out.

While these items probably can't stand on their own as gifts, they are fantastic to stuff a stocking or add as a small gift to someone.

These are five of my favorite purchases from 2018, all coming in under $25. I've looked at all five of them throughout this year and thought, "This was a clutch buy."

Better yet, they are all available via Amazon Prime - meaning you can order them up until Thursday the 20th and know that they'll arrive in time for the big day.

Epsoak Relax + Refresh Epsom Salt

I've used about every Epsom Salt under the sun and this one stands alone. They have a few variations but this one is my favorite. Helpful for sore muscles, headaches and overall relaxation.

Jocko White Tea

This is now how I start each morning. I've never been a huge fan of coffee, although I'll still have Bulletproof or Piknik once in awhile. But this does the trick and is much cheaper.

Aukey USB Wall Charger

I think I have six of these now, I love them. They are small, powerful and sleek. Not a day goes by where I don't use at least one of them for some device randomly.

Anker Powerline+ Lightning Cable

This is great to pair with the above item. The iPhone X and other devices can be charged wirelessly but it's not always ideal when you need to charge and continue working. This cord is durable and 10' long.

Aukey Large Mouse Pad

I'm on my second one, used at the office on a setup with multiple monitors. I really like it, it covers basically a third of the desk so the keyboard and mouse comfortably fit on it. There is one downside, it gets dirty pretty easily. Which is why I'm on my second one in about a year.