• Kyle OConnor

My 5 Favorite Summer Purchases

I've finally accepted the fact that summer is over.

And with that, I wanted to get a quick post up rounding up my five favorite Amazon purchases from over the summer.

Gravity 2.0 Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets have shown to improve conditions related to anxiety, stress, insomnia and more. I love this one and will likely be getting another one shortly, probably a little heavier.

The one we have is 15 pounds, you typically want the blanket to be 10-12% of your body weight. But I can't recommend it enough. Both of my parents tried it out and loved it. And while Tina started as a skeptic, she's the one that uses it pretty much every night. Which is why I'm ordering another.

Executive Push Pin Travel Map

For my fellow travelers out there, this is pretty cool. We're sticking to knocking the US out first, so if you are a worldwide traveler you may want to opt for the worldwide map.

It comes in a pretty nice frame, you can choose different looks. And it comes with three variations of push pins. We use them for places we've been, places one of us have been and places that are next up on the agenda.

Seinfeldia: How A Show About Nothing Changed Everything

I'm a Seinfeld freak. If you know me even a little bit, it's fairly obvious.

This is a fantastic book for any Seinfeld fan, or fans of TV in general. As a side note, it looks like we'll be taking the Kramer Reality Tour in New York this Christmas. I'm absolutely giddy and will be filling everyone in shortly after.

Jocko White Tea & Molk

I pounded through Jocko's books in short order after hearing him on the Tim Ferriss Podcast. He's quite a story. I then decided to give his tea and protein a shot and am a big fan of both.

I don't drink tea at all really. But I don't like (most) coffee and wanted a morning drink to get rolling. This tea does the trick. You can also buy it iced and canned but it's more expensive. The standard version listed here is fine for me. And I use the protein to mix into protein balls. Every once in awhile, I'll put it in some almond milk and take it that way. It's definitely the best tasting protein powder I've ever had.

I'll also link the book I recommend below. It's really, really good.