• Kyle OConnor

My Favorite Purchases Of 2019

Each year, I try to gather a round up of my favorite purchases from that year.

Now, I don't remember all of them. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much stuck with my Amazon order history and having to choose from that. If I remember anything outside of that, I'll be sure to add it.

But here are some things, mostly small, that I really enjoyed in 2019. They will make great stocking stuffers or last-minute gifts with a price cap.

Foam Deep-Tissue Massage Ball

I'm big on recovery and this is a huge part of my process. It's pretty small, even this larger option, and can fit almost anywhere. It's great for stubborn areas or soreness or just a general roll out of your back or neck or really anywhere.

Multi-Charging Cable

You have a ton of gadgets that are all charged differently. And I have now solved a small (but annoying) problem for you. This is a two pack at just $14 and it's honestly wonderful. Sturdy, long cable that can be shortened with the choke system. I have them in my office and at the office. I also carry one in my bag.

Cold Brew Kit - Coffee & Brain Octane Oil

If you listen to the South Bend Beat episode with John Nunemaker, you'll hear us discuss our love for cold brew. I recently got into it after he recommended it and as a non-coffee drinker, I love it. I do 1 ounce shots of the concentrate, which is similar to about a cup of coffee. My favorite mix for productivity is The Mentalist coffee from Bulletproof. I add their Brain Octane Oil and some ghee as well. I don't get jittery at all and it doesn't upset my stomach, like traditional coffee.

Car Trash Can

It's a small thing but I've loved it more than I thought. I'm a neat freak with OCD so being able to keep my car spotless is important. It fits in any cup holder and the sleeve pops right off to empty it.

Bedroom Humidifier

I hate waking up dry. This has solved those issues. And I love that it looks sleek and it's big enough to where you don't have to refill it constantly. It's a winner.

De-Stress & Sleep Supplement

It's drug-free, which is usually selling point A and 2. There isn't even very much Melatonin, as most gummies will have 5mg. This only has 2 with the de-stress as an added bonus. They don't taste great but they are a fantastic for those nights when you really need to get a good sleep.


Talking To Strangers

I love all Gladwell books and this one, his latest, is no different. It talks about how we struggle to talk to people that aren't like us and how we can do it better.

Tribe Of Mentors

The sub-title says it all, life advice from the best in the world. If you get the hardcover, it's a massive book. But it can be consumed a few minutes at a time, at your own pace. You'll start seeing ways to improve your life immediately.

The World According To Mister Rogers

This makes a great coffee table book or a small gift for someone to keep on their desk or nightstand. It's full of quotes, wisdom and more from Fred Rogers. And physically, it's pretty small.